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My name is Jaime Pierce. I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband of 7 years Tony. We moved here about 9 years ago, because of our love of country music! My husband is an awesome guitar player & played for Dustin Lynch. We spent the first week of our marriage on a tour bus on radio tour, & that is where I met the other love of my life, coffee. Since I was a little girl, I pursued a solo career as a female singer. In 2010 my single, "Diggin' In," hit #1 on the New Music Weekly Country Chart. In 2013, Tony & I decided to pursue a career in music as a duo so we could be together. Our country duo is called Pierce Avenue. Check out our music on iTunes and our website pierceavenue.com . I've always loved fashion & home decor, and I ALWAYS look for the deal in something I want. I'm just your average every day girl, who won't & can't overpay for something just because it's the "it" thing. After so many times of being asked, "Where did you get those sandals?" or "I'm dying over that kimono, where is it from?" I decided maybe I should start a place where I can round out and share my cute, budget finds. I know there's other girls like me, who can't fit the $200  jeans or the $600 rug into their budget that month... So my objective, is to inspire the every day girl like me when it comes to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, etc ... that it doesn't always cost a lot to make a cute outfit or a room come together. Always look for the deal & let your money go further! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'd love to hear from you! So if there's anything you ever want to know, please email me below or find me on Instagram @pierceavemusic ! 

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