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My name is Jaime Pierce. I'm 38 originally from Indiana, just moved from Nashville, TN to the DFW area in Texas with my husband of 12 years Tony and our kids Hudson and Everly! We lived in Nashville for a decade because of our love of country music! My husband is an awesome guitar player & played for a country artist when we first moved there. We spent the first week of our marriage on a tour bus on radio tour, & that is where I met the other love of my life, coffee. In 2013, Tony & I decided to pursue a career in music as a duo so we could be together. Our country duo was called Pierce Avenue. Check out our music on iTunes . Ever since becoming a mom, my priorities have shifted. I had every intention while pregnant to jump right back into music, but the gig of being "Mama" is taking first place in my heart right now so I'm taking some time to be more focused at home. My husband Tony will still be pursuing the Texas Country scene, so keep an eye on his website for new music & details! www.tonypiercemusic.com I've always had a passion for home decor, fashion, beauty products... but I know there are other girls like ME who literally can't do the $500 sneakers or a $2,000 piece of furniture into their budget. (Hello real world...) So my objective is to inspire the every day girl like me when it comes to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, whatever it is ... that it doesn't always cost a lot to make something come together and feel luxurious. Always look for the deal (or affordable similar item) to let your money go further. I absolutely LOVE fashion and home decor and I love staying on trend with things, I won't lie.... but I've always done so on my budget. I love sharing all my tips and tricks to not break the bank!

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